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Short Description
Mozilla Internet Dictionary - MID - is a tabbed dictionary browser using the dictionary resources of the Internet. It can save you having to manually track down the best reference material on the Net by making available an assortment of reliable and well-respected searchable dictionaries and encyclopaedias in a single tabbed interface. See screenshots. It is pre-loaded with lots of dictionaries and users can customize it to use their preferred ones.
All the searchable services offered up by MID are already available on the Internet, so you don't need to use it to get access to them. Nevertheless, because it provides a one-stop-shop for all this useful reference material you're more likely to consult MID than manually visit each of the websites in question.
You can contact me, Attila Szabo the author, request for new dictionaries, suggest new features or offer your help as a programmer to enhance the project. Any help and opinion would be greatly appreciated. You can write me to my Google mail address:
Intended Audience - Who is this software good for?
This heavy-weight dictionary application is aimed mainly at ardent dictionary users, linguists or foreign language learners. For easy to go Firefox translator extensions refer to the link at the bottom.
  • Particular thanks to for hosting this site,
  • Mozdev's project-owners mailing list members for their precious help,
  • to for organizing translations,
  • to Stephen Clavering for the code of his Flowing tabs extension
  • to Karoly Lieszkovszky for icons
  • and to lots of other users who suggested interesting features to be added and new dictionaries to be included.
I'd also like to express my thanks to other mozilla/firefox projects that helped me in the development process. I borrowed many dictionary definitions from the Mycroft Project. Extension Developer and Web Developer extensions also helped me a lot.
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